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   TYP series motor which is specially designed is a frequency conversion step less variable speed motor used with a synchronous frequency converter. It can be operated under variable frequency power source. With high strength magnet steel inserted in the rotor, it belongs to permanent synchronous motor. It has two kinds: with encoder and without encoder. Matched with intelligent control system, this series motor constitutes intelligent mechanical- electrical integration equipment. The motor adopts rare earth permanent magnetic material, and it has features of strong magnet, large over-load torque of starting and running, low current, wide working frequency range. This series motor is used for step less speed and can replace YVP, YCT series motor. The motor runs well with low speed and is controlled accurately. We supply dedicated control cabinet for this series motor, and can also be customized. Matched with control system, the motor can achieve variable frequency soft staring which can prolong the service life of the mechanical equipment, decrease maintenance, increase reliability of the facility.